Welcome to Labor is Love


LiL, short for Labor is Love, is an attempt at making our world a little better.

Previously, we have tried to make a few events, demonstrations, parties, artistic encounters and such sociocultural activities in order to create awareness and make, by the least, our lives better.

LiL was first conceived due to never-ending clinical absurdity in Swedish Migration Policy of denying labor immigrants right to their life in Sweden, due to minor mistakes by their employers. Therefore LiL preserves its mission to to try stop this policy and promote new legislation to assist people who have been affected by it.

Currently, LiL is in an active state trying to create a network composed of artists, and any kind of labor practitioners (we like to see everyone as an artist in their potential), as well as generally required resources. At the time of catastrophes, pandemics, mass violence, state propaganda and surveillance; we think this is rather a requirement for us to enact.

Soon we will be launching an online platform and a set of resources for people who live in scarce communities who lack access to capital, featuring local currencies and guides to flourish your own economy. Then other than that, we’re also willing to launch some technical guides for artists, those creatives who rather not be stuck by lack of fundings and find ways through, to help create resources for them.

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Emin Durak