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Story of Stuff Film Screening

We’re so delighted to announce that our application was accepted to view Story of Plastic. I’m inviting you to watch the film here at this link:  https://indee.tv/screener/view/B2n0W9FCSC2RFNtlUlHnGULpDEIfgLw5/ We’re also asked to run a virtual meetup on Zoom. Unfortunately it’s very difficult for me to do it at the moment. I won’t even be able to […]

Welcome to Labor is Love

Hello! LiL, short for Labor is Love, is an attempt at making our world a little better. Previously, we have tried to make a few events, demonstrations, parties, artistic encounters and such sociocultural activities in order to create awareness and make, by the least, our lives better. LiL was first conceived due to never-ending clinical […]