Labor is Love @Blivande

Admission: Free (please bring your favourite food, or some fruits/veggies or salad or soft drinks or so (there’s kitchen to prepare). Please don’t bring chips or such industrial-packaged food)

Location: Blivandehuset

Address: Södra Hamnvägen 9, Stockholm

Date & Time: 27th April 2019
13:00 – 19:00

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Afterparty (Alienvation):


13:00 (45mins)Breath and movement workshop by Juju Kim
This class combines breath awareness, movement enquiry and exploration.
A play between effort and effortlessness, structural alignment, organic fluidity and mindfulness.
13:50 (20mins)
The future of Solar Energy by Anton Frisk
With the inevitable climate change comes the daunting challenge to transition into a sustainable society, free of fossil carbon emissions altogether. The spotlight is now on securing clean energy for all our needs. But how on earth are we going to do that?
In this interactive session, plunge from the urgent need for deep decarbonization of the energy sector, to the promising potential of a solar power world. We will find obstacles on this path and possible ways we might overcome them, all visualised with some hands-on tools.
14:15 (15mins)Live demonstration of a Cryptocurrency Mining Machine by Tobias Kiefer
14:35 (20mins)Autonomous Artist-run Societies with Basic Income by Julio Linares & Emin Durak
Via a teleconference to Berlin where the Circles project that features Basic Income on Blockchain resides, we will hold a discussion about how a concept model for artist-run initiatives can potentially change the course of their practices, as well as the economy upon which they operate. We will discuss how some self-learning economic models powered by different technologies can serve to the interests of people in bottom-up way, promoting independent artistic practices for more diverse and autonomous localities.
15:00 (45mins)Before you get burned! by Michelle Söderman
How to manage stress, depression and burntout syndrome through the art of touch, breath and movement.
15:45 (30mins)Half an hour break for food and mingle
16:15 (40mins)The Art of Laboring workshop by Nefeli Ikonomou
In this workshop we will dive into practices exploring work and working conditions. We will read, we will sing, we will activate our bodies to ask questions around working environments. What types of gestures are linked to different types of labours? What is the sounding of working rights and how does its sound in a choir?
The workshop is linked to the performance The Art of Laboring (TAoL), co-production with Weld, which speculates over social movements, working conditions and hybrids of work categories.
17:00 (45mins)Yin yoga – about slowing down and listening by Andrea Bognar and Amanda Öström
Yin yoga is a calm and meditative form of yoga that works with grounding movements, stillness and releasing stiffness in our fascial system. In this workshop we will investigate how yoga relates to ourselves and what affects it could have in our daily lives, the life outside the yoga mat – to the sounds of live vocals.
The class is suitable for everyone, regardless past experiences. Wear comfortable and moveable clothes.
17:50 (40mins)Spiral Sphinx: A movement improvisations workshop by Emin Durak
Inspired primarily from capoeira and its historical evolution, but also infinitesimals theory in mathematics; and some other improvisation techniques such as Axis Syllabus (Frey Faust), Movement Archery (Tom Weksler) and Continously into Movement (Eva Georgitsopoulou); Spiral Sphinx is a framework for movement improvisations. Pursued as a workshop that continue with instructions and exercises given to its participants, it is practiced with a set of special methods, related to geometry, mathematics and the temporality of the body.
18:35 (20mins)Ending talk about how to evolve the concept of Labor is Love in the future

The program is not definitive, meaning that it’s only meant to provide a frame to be adjusted during the event. It is deliberately set that there’s 5 mins brake in between each contribution, which will be calibrated organically by the participants and the general feeling.

There’ll be soup and vegan food available, along with fruits and soft drinks.

It is advised to come with comfortable clothing. 

Labor is love is a concept that concerns the future of work. By imagining it with the effects of automated workflows, constantly disappearing and appearing jobs within turbulent economies, and the arising precarious class; we like to envision, experiment and prototype a future dominated by arts and artistic practices driven by individual’s will and desires in a non-institutional and non-commodified context. What we’re after is creating circular, autonomous economies that can sustain well with continuously evolving and self-learning models.

We will host a series of sessions whose medium could be workshops, presentations, poetry, music, performance, lecture or any medium proposed by its contributor.

You are very welcome to propose a contribution with your work, within this framework:

  1. You love doing that work. You have your affection with it.
  2. Such temporal justifications as “success” and “failure” would not prevent you from practicing that work, or, better, they would render irrelevant for your curiosity and desire to practice it.
  3. Your work is either reflective, analytical, critical, spiritual in its being or in some way for the benefit of a society you choose to relate to.

We welcome contributions of any kind, from permaculture experiments to deep learning algorithms that create music for robots, to a study about behaviours of migrating birds. If in doubt, please do send us your contribution and we will make sure to have you present your work within our time frame.

We will start at 13:00 and we have sufficient room to divide into parallel sessions, if necessary. Feel free to challenge us and help us get better.


Note: Labor is Love is a 100% open source concept whose implementation in another context is not only allowed, but also encouraged. It’s also entirely grassroots; with no particular agenda behind, other than that which is published on this website.

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