Manifesto / Protocol

In Progress

  • The core idea of LiL cooperative is to create, supply and help supply resources, tools (digitals and machines) and facilities for members to be able to do their practices, as well as promote betterment of their rights globally and locally. It also aims to utilise these in order for members to easily reach out to each other, both for collaboration and promotion of their work, and to the outside world (non-members).
  • Besides these above, the primary goal of LiL is to enable more people to practice their art as their labor, in whichever form they choose it to be at any given time of their practice taking place.
  • These first two above items are therefore fundamentally economic. This means that we as the association members need to help create a set of economic resources and means to democratically channel them to members to ensure the sustainability, liability and feasibility of this cooperative platform and the practice of its members.
  • LiL as association ultimately aims to create more engagement and artistic practice among more people in the entire world. Therefore its operations are strictly beyond class, ethnic and religious backgrounds, gender, nationality, color, spoken language and any kind of privilege or disprivilege that one may be born with or descendent or gained during her lifetime.
  • LiL is open to all who accepts that all such identities are temporal figures often being preliminary noise in generation of artistic practices, and that everyone without exception has the right to practice their art as labor and live of it without being subject to material difficulties such as food, housing, transport and visa.
  • LiL does absolutely not presuppose any definition of art and deliberately doesn’t so due to the shared belief among members that every art practitioner has the full right to define their labor as art due to any reason or none, as long as they state so and can explain and, if required, document it.
  • LiL as association bears no responsibility in members performing activities which may be interpreted or claimed as crime of any sort, in any law.
  • By providing artistic labor, LiL board has exclusive rights to abolish membership if member practitioner facilitates deliberate disinformation and propaganda for external entities such as profit-based corporations or nation-states or any lobby organisations that serve the motivations of such organisms.
  • LiL does absolutely not tolerate deliberate propaganda of xenophobia, racism, sexism and nationalism through its communication channels. Any member performing these activities may be permanently banned by the board and reported.
  • LiL welcomes and collaborates with individuals and initiatives who desire to save artistic practice from the hegemony of institutions, states, corporations, privileged elite and consumerist culture, without necessarily being antagonistic.
  • LiL welcomes artistic practices around the notion of conflict; whether that be domestic, international, psychological or social. Disagreements, conflicts, violence, fear and such notions are within the territorial interests of LiL and its members to pursue as artistic practices especially in research fashion, without necessarily having the motivation to bring about resolution to them.

Future Plans

LiL aims to create a cross-border initiative of artists connecting each other to facilitate activities for common good. But beyond all, LiL tries to create autonomous nodes in the form of local communities who facilitate their own activities locally or nomadically.

LiL does not try to centralise these nodes that may or may not be connected to each other depending on its members’ desires; but it aims to provide the power tools they require to be autonomous.

In order to enable fair transactions for exchange, LiL aims to deviate from adopting currencies that are centralised and operated by central banks and governments such as Euro, Swedish Crown and the USD. LiL therefore welcomes initiatives to bring diverse currencies to be used for exchange, within and across the nodes that operate using LiL technologies in order to maintain a fair economic policy.

Another future goal LiL has is to establish a cross- border basic income network, via initial experimental pilot projects among artists taking place.