Currently, as of 25th March, 2020, only the mid-room is available (first 3 photos in the slider).

It’s a three room apartment that is quite spacious and receives very nice light, morning on one side, afternoon on the other. The apartment is located near to natural areas as well as big quarters like Skärholmen centrum and Kungens Kurva. There’s also night bus that stops right in front of the building. This bus runs only week days, but at the weekends the subway runs whole night anyways… Tunnelbana (subway) stations are both 10 mins walking distance. The stations are Vårberg and Vårby Gård.

Amazing Vårbergstoppen, an artificial hill historically made for public theatre purposes, is only 5 mins walk. Closest beach is also in around 15 mins walking distance…

The apartment was renovated to host artists and artistic activities such as dance, painting, discussions and collective cooking. It has a pine flooring in the entire flat and hand-built furniture in the kitchen.

Currently the apartment is unfurnished, but there is a large bar table and a small table in the kitchen. The bathroom is freshly renovated as well.

Address: Lammholmsbacken 224, Skärholmen

You can either show interest to rent one of the rooms or the entire apartment. We haven’t decided yet who to rent out. So please make sure to tell about yourself.

Needless to say, we expect people living in the apartment to respect the household as well as neighbours and the environment in general.

Feel free to show your interest by writing to us about you along with what you’re interested in!



Small room: 400 kr/m
Mid room: 4500 kr/m
Large room: 5000 kr/m

Rent for entire apartment: 12500kr/m

Prices include responsible usage of electric, internet, and one car parking space, heating and water.

One month deposit will be required and there’ll be 2 months notice period of cancelation.


Contact via WhatsApp